The program curriculum for Wholehearted Kids shall be developed based upon the program's philosophy and goals and the needs of the population of children to be served.

It will include the following:

1. Intervention activities that promote development in all of the following areas, according to the basic principles of child growth and development:

  • Physical development;

  • Cognitive development;

  • Language and speech development;

  • Psychosocial development; and

  • Self-help and feeding.

2. Activities which:

  • Increase parent, care giver or authorized consumer representative and child interaction by training/coaching parents, care givers or authorized consumer representatives to recognize and respond to the child's unique characteristics, temperament, and non-verbal communication signaling distress or the need for interaction;

  • Increase and develop parents, care givers or authorized consumer representatives and child interpersonal relationships through the day-to-day activities, such as bathing, dressing, feeding and comforting.

3. Parenting skills relating to the parents' or authorized consumer representatives' ability to care for the special needs of the child including:

  • Demonstrations of developmentally appropriate activities for the child;

  • Training and consultation; and

  • Access to various developmentally appropriate equipment an material, and the use of play as a vehicle for intervention.

  • The location pursuant to 56712 (a)(1)(D) of these regulations in which consumers will receive instruction and perform those skills taught will be in the home or other natural environment.

The curriculum for Wholehearted Kids shall include the following:

  • The schedule of training activities through reflective practice based on Routines Based Interviews which is designed to ensure that the entire direct services time is focused toward the achievement of individual and family outcomes
  • Coaching/Training activities to facilitate parent/family involvement
  • Age appropriate materials and activities shall be used based on play appropriate for developmental age of the child
  • Specific consumer outcomes are anticipated from participation in each training component.

The primary source of curriculum used by Wholehearted Kids Providers will be the California Infant Toddler Curriculum Framework & the California Infant/Toddler Learning & Development Foundations approved by the California Department of Education, Routines Based Interviews, Parent/Caregiver collaboration & development and the Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP).