Anticipated Consumer Outcomes

The children’s progress and family’s satisfaction will be measured semi-annually (quarterly, if needed) by a combination of recognized developmental tools, parent surveys, and objective observations by the staff (both Wholehearted Kids Providers and CVRC) assigned to each case.

Desired Child Outcomes:

  • Make progress in all domains: Social Emotional/Behavioral, Communication, Self-Help, Gross Motor, Fine Motor and Cognitive
  • Add relational games to their daily activities to build capacity in their relationship with their primary caregiver.
  • Improve their curiosity for exploring their environment and new opportunities
  • Learn self-regulatory strategies to support their development
  • Reach each milestones typical of their chronological age if possible

Desired Family Outcomes:

  • Develop a greater understanding of their child’s ability level and physical needs to allow age-appropriate involvement in family and community activities
  • Learn co-regulatory strategies to support their child
  • Reflect with Wholehearted Kids providers to address parent concerns and priorities
  • Utilize Evidence Based practices to facilitate learning in the natural environment
  • Have the opportunity to build a relationship with Wholehearted Kids staff that allows questions to be asked, adjustments to be made, and progress to be easily recognized

These outcomes, as well as those listed specifically on each child’s Individual Family Service Plan, will be reviewed periodically (or on request of the child’s CVRC service coordinator or family), measured in terms of developmental age scores as well as parent satisfaction, and incorporated into a multi-disciplinary report.

​​​​​​​Each specialist involved with the child will report on specific target skills accomplished and/or in progress as per Part C regulations.
At the time of transition planning for preschool services, Wholehearted Kids Providers will assist in documenting children’s progress using the procedures outlined above.